A Space Adventure

Friday, October 24, 2008 11:06
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Sometimes, I think of my life as being one of the Voyager probes that was launched into space decades ago. The way the controllers got theVoyagers to gather enough speed to exit the solar system was the slingshot effect. They would harness the gravitational pull of a planet to increase the speed of the probe much like a slingshot would increase the velocity of a rock as it is twirled around.

The controllers had to plan the interaction with the planet because not only would it affect speed, it would affect direction as well.

Life has many gravitational pulls that can affect your journey. They range from parents, environment, events, books, movies, quotes and luck. Each influence will alter your path. Some a little, others a lot. Some will speed you up, some will slow you down and others may trap you into orbiting them.

An alteration of just a fraction of a degree in your direction can translate into a very large distance between where you were originally headed and where you wound up.

Be mindful of the influences in your life. If you find yourself being pulled in a direction you don’t desire, fire your rockets to correct your course. Plot a destination you desire so that you know when you are getting off course. And look for beneficial influences that can speed your journey to success.

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