Self Development Success – Tortoise or Hare?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 19:26
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Most people are looking for quick self develoopment success. They want it now! It’s the instant message society. Even the microwave oven is too slow.

I just want to point out that you took all your life to get the way you are now. TO make a change can take some time. Unfortunately, many people are like the hare in the fable. They go in spurts. They concentrate really hard for a short period of time and then stop when they don’t see immediate results. They drift and then something reminds them to do it again. It’s three steps forward and two and a half steps back.

The tortoise on the other hand has the patience to see it through to the end. While it may have been a long time since he started, he knows he has made progress and will reach his destination as long as he doesn’t quit.

Self Development Success Using Afformations

Monday, June 8, 2009 21:29
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Self development success depends upon changing your thinking patterns from where they are to something better. For years, I have worked with affirmations. I have read them aloud at least twice a day. I have recorded them and played them at low levels for long periods of time including when I was asleep. I was not noticing any changes from them.

Earlier this year, I came across a different concept called afformations from a man named Noah St. John. His experience was similar to mine – years of effort without results. One day, he realized that the brain was an automatic answer seeking machine. So, he changed the affirmations from a statement to a question and he received the results quickly. He called this new technique afformations because you are forming beliefs.

The brain has certain filters like a gate keeper that keeps certain things out and lets others in. When an idea shows up requesting admittance, the gate keeper checks to see if it’s on the list. If it is, it gets through, otherwise, it is discarded. That’s what was happening with my affirmations.

If you keep saying to yourself, “I am wealthy,” and you are not currently wealthy, sooner or later you will hear a response from your brain along the lines of, “Yeah, right.”

By forming a question, it works with the brain using several things such as pre-supposition. If you ask the question, “Why am I wealthy?” then your brain accepts that as true and starts coming up with reasons to support it. It bypasses the gate keeper. This is building support for this belief from the inside rather than forcing it from the outside.

I have had more self development success in the last 90 days using afformations than in the 10 years preceding using affirmations. Noah has a website here. I purchased his Ultimate Wealth Power Pack which includes “Ultimate Self-Confidence”, “Ultimate Business Success” and “Ultimate Wealth”.

If you purchase them and expect them to work by magic, you will be disappointed. You will have to put forth the effort to listen to them to receive the benefit. I put them on a MP3 player with a one track repeat function and listen to them when I exercise and at other times.

New Lead Capture Page producing Excellent Results

Thursday, December 4, 2008 0:10
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It is no secret that over the past several months it has become harder and harder to capture potential customers names and valid email addresses.  I have seen statistics that say the numbers have decreased as much as 64% over the past 23 months.

So what is the answer to this dilemma?

Many marketers that I have talked to feel that well known prolific marketer Dale Calvert has come up with the solution.  The website is located at:

Dale’s answer seems simple.  If you give visitors something of true value and mail it to them via the postal service they MUST GIVE YOU CORRECT DATA to receive their package.  It makes sense to me, what about you?

For a very small monthly fee, only $19.97, Mr. Calvert will send out an unlimited number of Robert Kiyosaki CDs to your potential customers that visit your site.

This is NOT a digital download, this is a physical CD sent through postal mail on your behalf to your potential customers and clients from the best selling author of the Rich Dad / Poor Dad series.

Mr. Calvert’s organization will mail an unlimited amount of Free CDs on your behalf every month for only 19.97 monthly.  1 or 1,000, I know it sounds too good to be true, but you can get all the details right here:

I think the Calvert Marketing Group has hit a grand slam homerun with this new program.  Initial reports indicate many top marketers are using this system and potential customers are responding to the Free CD offer.

Free Ebook Offer

Sunday, November 16, 2008 22:25
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I have a free ebook offer if you are involved in online network marketing. The Lighthouse Marketing ebook is free at my other blog, Fill in the form on the right hand side to get a copy of the Lighthouse Marketing ebook.

This book is crammed with tips on how to use social marketing and other online methods to generate your own leads. Check it out now.

Who Is The Master?

Thursday, November 13, 2008 15:30
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Most people go through life working for money. They often go to a job they don’t like, do things they don’t like and would rather be somewhere else. They do this for money. This means that money is the dictator in their life.

The wealthy have money for them. They purchase or grow assets, especially those that create residual income, that contribute to their income. They have money to invest to create more money.

The rich don’t get richer and the poor don’t get poorer because of the presence or absence of money.

What’s the difference between the people who work for money and those who have money work for them? It’s the six inches between their ears. The vast majority of millionaires in the US started with average means or less. They learned what it takes to be successful with money and they put that knowledge into action.

One of those people is Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant. He became financially independent in his late 40’s through the application of the knowledge he received from his Rich Dad.

If you would like to get a free copy of his CD, “The Perfect Business”, you can go to The key to this is to put the knowledge into action.